SEO & E-Marketing

If you are really serious about your website you not only need to have it analysed but you also need to improve it. Many organisations pay to have their Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) done on their website on a monthly basis to keep it at the top and keep those visitors rolling in. Many SEO companies spend hours optimising websites and checking that the optimisation has worked and then constantly adjusting the SEO to match current trends. We all know that SEO is constantly changing and the goalposts are constantly moving, but as we said, this is more than just SEO.

Analysis & Solution

Our Analysis and Solution service offers "more than SEO" on a monthly basis. We will perform a Complete Analysis of your website and then develop a strategy for improvement for the following 12 months. Throughout the 12 months we will perform various analyses on the website and adjust the site accordingly to create the optimum performance. We will advise you on various ways to market your website both on and off the web (additional costs may be involved). We can also analyse your competitors' websites and use this information to get your site performing better than theirs.

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