About MonsterMaker

The Past

Back in 1981, our founder, Neil Barnby, helped provide the UKs first BBS (online bulletin board system). These systems were the first free online systems open to the public. Since that date many bulletin boards opened and these eventually formed a part of the Internet in the UK, some are still going today.

Fast forward to 1994, when Neil created a web site, called MonsterMaker as a first project in the 'new' online system, the world wide web. This developed over the next couple of years into a full colour web site with images (the first web sites didn't have images!) offering web design.

Over the next couple of years MonsterMaker offered web sites to the public and built web sites for Freepages and Virgin Internet. This developed into eventually being a fully independent Internet company offering web design, hosting and domain registration.

In 1998 MonsterMaker opened its first training centre, training for some of the major organisations in the Yorkshire region for all areas of Internet. In 1999 it became more desirable to get better listings on the search engines and plain old search engine submission didn't work anymore due to the amount of competition. MonsterMaker started to offer optimisation for better rankings and PPC (Pay-per-Click) for advertising.

Throughout the last 20 years, MonsterMaker has lead the way in many areas of the web and created some innovative projects along the way.

The Present

Over the past two years we have been researching into what is important to companies on the web and how we can help them realise their potential online. We have spent extensive time analysing sites, developing tools and creating a series of innovative packages to place companies the best position to succeed on the web.

We have used our many years experience of the web, search engines, web design and SEO to create our analysis packages and decided on the bold step to make this the core of our business. We are no longer offering web design, domain names and hosting as individual packages but only offering our analysis to help businesses develop their online presence.

We strongly believe that this is now what the web needs. We aim to dispel the SEO myths, help business owners understand and take them forward into this fast growing and ever changing digital landscape, with the confidence that they can succeed.