Complete Analysis

Our Complete Analysis service offers a comprehensive Analysis of your website. As well as offering everything that is offered in the Functionality Analysis we offer a more in depth look at the marketing and conversion rates.

Complete Analysis Report for SEO

If your site is getting a lot of visitors but only a few are buying, you need to know why. Your report will contain the Functionality Analysis and, if available an analysis of your server visitor log statistics and an analysis of your current SEO strategies such as Social Media and Analytics. Then we will perform a number of additional analyses.

Hotspot Analysis

This will indicate which areas of the pages users are clicking on and whether they are links or not. It will also tell us how far down users scroll on your pages and show us whether users are seeing that all important information. We also can tell how many visitors clicked on what and what was the behaviour of those visitors, such as when a visitor returns how does their surfing path differ from a new visitor? Where do visitors who found us on Facebook go or where do visitors who found us from this keyword look? This is all very important for you to plan your marketing and your website changes.

Confetti report

This section will break down the hotspot analysis and show you what users are clicking where. It will enable you to see what browsers they use, what types of machines they use (PC, mobile phone, pad etc.), where they are from, where they went in the site, whether new or old visitors and which ad campaign (if any) they followed and much much more.

Usability Analysis

In this section of our Complete Analysis we will get feedback from real users from your target demographic. We set a number of questions for the users to answer and the result is both a written report and video of the usersí experience. This will give you a better impression of why your site isnít working as you may expect

At the end of the analysis we will produce a full report of the results and some recommendations of how you can improve your site, which you can use for yourself or send to your web team.

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